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Gaudis Legacy by Lois Parish Evans | Textile Artist and Designer

Gaudi's Legacy

In late 2019 Aotearoa Quilters, New Zealand, along with quilters in France were invited by the Nihon Heritage Quilt Guild in Japan to create a response to 30 international cities: 30 quilters from 3 countries x 30 themes = 90 quilts.

I was fortunate to get my first choice which was Barcelona. Having been to Barcelona and fallen in love with Gaudi’s work, I was excited to have the opportunity to create an art quilt representing this city.  It was fascinating to see the different responses from quilters in the other two countries for each of the cities.

Gaudis Legacy by Lois Parish Evans | Textile Artist and Designer

Artists statement: This quilt is compiled from photographs taken while exploring the city of Barcelona and is a tribute to Antonio Gaudi’s creativity and his masterful sense of surface design. Whether he was designing for the inside or outside his creativity could be described as out of his time but I think his genius is that his designs are timeless. They are colourful, creative, fun, and bring a uniqueness to Barcelona for both the resident and the traveller.

© 2020 

50cm x 50cm

Raw edge applique, hand painted, free motion quilting/stitching

International Cities Of the World Challenge travelling exhibition, Nihon Heritage Quilt Guild

For sale: POA

An interview with Lisa Walton

Watch the You Tube interview with Lisa Walton and Lois, discussing the inspiration, the process and the techniques behind this quilt.

In the making...

Click on the images to view full screen and see the process in making the Gaudi's Legacy quilt.

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