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Homage to the Shoofly

© 2023

40cm (w) x 80cm (h)

Raw edge applique, hand painting, hand stitching, free motion stitching, straight stitch quilting

2023 - First Place

Aotearoa Quilters Members Challenge

AQ travelling exhibition 2023

When light patterns are cast upon the platform high up in the tree tops of the Night Lights Tree Walk in the Redwoods, Rotorua, they become the inspiration for a modern interpretation of the Shoo Fly quilt pattern. A hand painted pattern which lights up and sparkles under spotlights.

For sale $650

Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans


© 2022

80cm (w) x 40cm (h)

Free motion stitching/quilting, hand painted

2022 - Merit Award 

Aotearoa Quilters (AQ) Members “Lines” Challenge

AQ travelling exhibition 2022

Lines of trees bordering fields, protecting, delineating, uniform in their appearance, often gracing the horizon line. In the cold of winter the ghostly lines of bare branches against the dark of night create a lace like impression back lit by the dying rays of the sun.

For sale $650

Winters Quiescence

© 2022

99cm (w) x 52cm (h)

Raw edge applique, hand painted, straight stitch quilted, free machine stitching

2022 - Awarded Merit for Excellence

NZ Symposium, Lower Hutt

2023 - Awarded Merit in the Art Quilt section

The Great New Zealand Quilt Show, Rotorua

2023 - Selected for Art Quilt Australia

Exhibition at The Wool Museum, Victoria, Australia

In the depth of Winter where landscapes can feel leached of colour and deciduous trees spread their ghostly shapes, there is beauty in the muted colours and simple shapes. Dormancy, resembling deep sleep creates an ethereal quality of calm and belies the danger of the depth of cold and freezing conditions. Using the idea of Winter dormancy as a period of rest and coming after an Autumn season of stripping back to bare basics, I have abstracted the design to its simplest form to enhance the concept of rest, the conservation of energy and internal protection from external elements. Techniques include: matchstick quilting, hand colouring using Inktense pencils, raw edge applique, hand stitching, free motion stitching

For sale $895

Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans

Tranquil Waters

© 2021 

75cm x 75cm

Raw edge applique, hand painted using Acrylic paints, matchstick quilting, free motion stitching/quilting

2021 - Merit Award 

Aotearoa Quilter’s Members Challenge “Reflections“

AQ travelling exhibition 2022

Not a breath of wind disturbs the tranquility of the reflections as I meander along the waters edge, absorbing the soulful stillness and serenity of the lake.

For sale $915


© 2019  Framed

42cm (w) x 37.5cm (h)

Free motion embroidery

2019 - Second Prize

Textiles, Non Functional

Franklin Art Festival, Auckland, New Zealand

Fissure meaning “a long, narrow opening or line”.  This image was inspired by a 10 day study of a flower (a gerbera) and each day I photographed the difference in the flower.  Day 4 has been translated into a thread painting and I particularly liked the long narrow white line that separates the top from the bottom sections of the flower, hence the title.

For sale $795

Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans

An Invisible Thread

© 2018

60cm (w) x 100cm (h)

Raw edge applique, hand painted, matchstick quilting, free motion stitching, hand stitching, cut out

2020 - Award of Merit

NACQJ (National Association of Certified Quilt Judges)

Mancuso Online Quilt Festival, USA

2018 - 2021 SAQA Oceania “Connections” touring exhibition

Australia and New Zealand

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.” Ancient Chinese Proverb

“An Invisible Thread” is a multi-layered exploration of the connection experienced between a mother and child, and a reflection on my experience of connection through adoption. The connection and bond I experienced in adopting my two children was immediate and has grown and developed over the years of parenting them, a bond which might stretch and tangle but it will never break. In the process of creating this image I also acknowledged the invisible thread that connects me to their biological mothers and the thread of friendship with the artist(also a mother) of the original sculpture used as inspiration.

Inspiration for this art quilt was drawn from a sculpture by Libby Levey, who has given me written permission to use her sculpture as the basis for exploring this theme.

Each Day a New Page

© 2018

90cm x 90cm

Raw edge applique, straight stitch quilting, hand stitching

2019 - First Place

Medium Quilts

The Great NZ Quilt Show, Rotorua, New Zealand

2019 - Exhibition

“Nature’s Abstraction”

Timeless Textiles, Newcastle, Australia

2019 - Exhibition

Tutors Exhibition

Auckland Quilt Symposium, New Zealand

This art quilt is drawn from a series of daily watercolour paintings which were based on using the chrysalis as a personal symbol for growth.


Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans

An Art Deco Echo

© 2018 

30cm (w) x 50cm (h)

Raw edge applique, hand coloured/painted, matchstick quilting, free machine stitching

Merit Prize

Aotearoa Quilters Members Art Deco Challenge

Selected for Travelling Exhibition

In my previous life – across the Tasman – our home had Art Deco features such as ornate ceilings, which I loved. This quilt is a trip down memory lane, revisiting a past life and revisiting a past art movement. It is a modern interpretation of luxury and exuberance; an ‘echo’ of Art Deco.

For sale $450

Firewheel Spectacular 2

© 2018  

47cm (w) x 102cm (h)

Raw edge applique, matchstick quilting, hand coloured using Inktense pencils and acrylic paints, free machine quilting/stitching

2019 - Merit Award

Medium Quilt

The Great NZ Quilt Show

2018 - Finalist

Miles Art Awards

Tauranga Art Gallery

Artists statement: The third art quilt in my Firewheel Flower series, Firewheel Spectacular 2 continues to explore the positive and negative shapes of the Firewheel flower, deconstructing and reconstructing into new possibilities – perhaps an underwater world, a new cosmos, or under the microscope…


Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans
Awards | Lois Parish Evans

"Leafy" Sea Dragon

© 2015 

126cm x 102cm

Free motion quilting, hand coloured 

2015 - Third Place

Innovative section

World Quilt Competition XIX, USA

Inspired by the extraordinary delicacy of the Leafy Sea Dragon, this quilt is the culmination of many hours of drawing intuitively with my sewing machine, and many many hours of hand colouring and painting. 


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